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See why Christian Skaters attended the El Gato Classic 2018

El Gato Classic Competitors

Why did a small Christian Skaters team head to the El Gato Classic? Our goal was to serve as chaplains and to build relationships within the Pro skateboarding community. Christian Skaters is built 100% on relationships. We realize that within skate, relationships are everything. Over the years, we have been blessed to build friendships with […]

Daily Skate Scripture 1-20-18

Daily Skate Scripture

“Hang in there!” There are few traits more important than perseverance. Most important accomplishments in life happen because of perseverance. Most “luck” occurs when we’ve persevered long enough for the “magical moment” to come along. Edison said it best: life’s greatest feats, the world’s greatest discoveries, his own most fantastic inventions are “1% inspiration and […]

5 Reasons Why An Indoor Skate Park Is Not The Way To Start a Skate Ministry

You Don’t Need a Skatepark

Original Post: JSAW International Anyone who wants to start a skate ministry dreams of opening a big beautiful Street League style skate park in a massive facility. We usually try to convince them not to. When JSAW started out we had big dreams, so we built a 9,000 square foot skate park in a 20,000 square foot building that cost […]

3 Simple Ways to Start a Skate Ministry

3 Ways to Start a Skate Ministry

Original Post: JSAW International – With over 22 million riders and an industry producing 12.2 billion dollars a year, action sports is definitely here to stay. Skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, and other action sports have become trend setting definitions of youth culture worldwide. Yes, worldwide! From Ethiopia to Japan to Peru and everything in between. There […]

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