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Christian Skaters is supported by faithful ministry partners like you. Just $10 a month or more helps Christian Skaters to train leaders around the world to reach their local skate communities, send teams to support these leaders, build ramps for discipleship, and provide resources for ministries.
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Encourage & Equip Leaders

Christian Skaters equips and encourages local leaders to reach out in their local skateboarding communities. Your donation helps us to invest daily in leaders around the globe; host regional, national and international conferences; provide resources and encouragement; and more. We are able to help leaders through the challenges of skate ministry and equip them to be better prepared to disciple a community of skaters in God's Word.

Seek & Support Outreach

Christian Skaters wants to see a skate ministry that can share the truth of Jesus Christ within skating distance of every skater around the world. Your donations helps us to go and seek out leaders in skate communities so that we can support them in their calling. With your help, we can send teams to host outreaches, build parks, start camps and clinics, run contest series, consult skateparks and come alongside locals who love the Lord and love skateboarders and have a heart to see lives changed by the Gospel.

Share the Gospel

Christian Skaters believes the most important thing in our lives is the Good News, and we readily share that message of hope in our words and deeds. You contributions help us do this by providing Bibles, devotions, training and discipleship materials for skaters to grow in their relationship with the Lord and disciple others.

Impact Communities

Christian Skaters wants to see communities transformed by the love and hope of Jesus Christ. Your donation helps us to provide leaders with the supplies to better serve the community in which God has called them to. It provides boards, water, food, and practical tools to love the community they are part of, building relationships and opportunities to share their faith.

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Christian Skaters International gives us skaters hope that we aren't alone in the skate scene. It encourages us to try to spread the Gospel through our skating. I am a skater and I sometimes feel that its pointless to try to witness in the skate scene, but I have seen first hand that it only takes God and a little influence to help lead someone to Him. One of my skate crew was into some bad stuff, but after a few months of hanging with them, he ended up getting saved and asking Christ into his life. So I feel like this organization is for more than just Christian skaters or unsaved skaters, its for all of us. It also shows others that we do exist and that all skaters aren't punks or druggies.

Alex Salisbury

My husband is a Christian, and a skater. Your ministry- FB page, website, posts- join the 2 things that he loves dearly. (Yes he loves me- but it is more important that he loves God first!)
Skaters aren't bad, and skating is not a crime. Loving The Lord should not be a crime either. Though both Christians and skaters face persecution for what they love.
Your ministry is able to reach out to those who may not show up within the walls of a church building. Jesus went to the people - and met them where they were at. You do the same. Keep on keepin on! God Bless!

Kim Ellis

I've been a Christian for a little over a year and a half now and I was always looking for ministries that pertain to action sports. Christian Skaters is the first ministry I came across and I looked into some of what it's about and I fell in love with the ministry. Christian Skaters is bringing God to skateboarders that need Him in their lives. It's impacting youth all over the world and it's one of my favorite ministries.

Alex McKay