Skate Mission Colombia

Skate Mission Colombia It has been a week since our team returned from Cartagena and we are still on a spiritual high from all the amazing things God did and continues to do there. We had a short two weeks to raise funding for the trip and the ramp materials, but God provided. He also […]


Reaching Skaters in Cartagena, Colombia

Next Thursday, Ulises Frallicciardi and Zion are heading down to Cartagena. They still need to raise several hundred dollars to cover the cost of this trip where they will be coming alongside leaders of Christian Skaters Cartagena and Bogota to host this event. While there they will also be investing in leaders, talking to church […]



Skateboarding is a worldwide brotherhood that’s full of diversity. We, the Calling All Skaters Barcelona crew, represent many nations, ages, and skateboarding styles. We’re also part of the worldwide brotherhood called the body of Christ and we play an important role within that body. Our part is to represent Jesus and demonstrate his love within […]


Landing Bolts Devotional

In skateboarding, the term “landing bolts” means to land a trick the best possible way, and the Landing Bolts app is a 14 day devotional designed to guide people into the best possible relationship with God. If you have a desire to start or grow your relationship with God and want to learn more about […]


Skateboarding and Faith

Skateboarding and Faith We hear the comments time and time again to “keep God out of skateboarding”. Transworld Skateboarding even stated in an article from 2003 that, “Since the earliest days of the sport, the influence of religion and spirituality has been present in skateboarding. From the number of moms who freaked out in the […]