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CS Family Leaders

International Leadership

Ulises 'Uli' Frallicciardi

co-founder & international director

Uli is one of our Christian Skaters co-founders. Originally born in Argentina, Uli was raised in the United States. In 2001, he walked into a local skatepark and his life was changed by the Gospel. In 2002, he began working with Ramp 48 Skatepark and co-founded Christian Skaters in 2003. He currently acts as our international director and oversees our network in the US.

Regional Leaders

Chris Van Der Merwe

Regional Coordinator Africa

Chris stepped into the position as Regional Coordinator for Africa in 2015. He also is one of the Co-Founders of Inspired 2 Become. Currently living in Somerset West, Western Cape, Chris has been a multi-year participant in the Asia X-Games. He excels at many sports including skateboarding, skimboarding, in-line skating; but more importantly, he loves the Lord and feels called to invest in leaders all around Africa.

Coming Soon

Regional Coordinator Australia/Asia/Pacific

To Be Announced Soon

Phil Williams

Regional Coordinator Europe

Phil Williams has served as the Regional Coordinator for Christian Surfers UK/Europe since 2003 and has worked with Christian Skaters since 2005. We are truly blessed by his wisdom and relationships from the many years of serving with Christian Surfers.

Luiz Bob Lee

Regional Coordinator Brasil & Portuguese Speaking Nations

Luiz Lee Bob is a leader with Christian Skaters Brasil and is passionate about sharing Jesus with skaters and uniting ministries together for this purpose. He has been recognized by his city for impacting the youth of Brasil, spoken at various conferences and has built a great team of leaders in this country.

Ulises 'Uli' Frallicciardi

Regional Coordinator North America

Uli, cofounder of Christian Skaters, also currently acts as the regional coordinator for the United States and Canada regions.

Tim Mallory

Regional Coordinator South America

Tim Mallory has been part of Christian Skaters for many years. Attending our very first CS study as a skater at Ramp 48 Skatepark, he now serves as leader of Christian Skaters Cartagena and has spent time to begin establishing Christian Skaters El Salvador. He desires to raise up and support our leaders in Latin America.


Christian Skater's main focus is introducing skaters to Jesus and discipling them in God's Word. This vision may look different, depending on the location of a ministry. However, a typical CS partner/chapter hosts a weekly Bible Study to disciple local believers. These local skaters are integrated into their skate communities and led by a team of leaders from supportive local churches. Typical activities include regular meetings and evangelistic skater-friendly Bible studies, contests, camps and day trips, skate clinics, skate missions and outreach/service at secular events reaching the skate culture. Each affiliated partner or ministry agrees to Christian Skaters’ vision, core values and statement of faith.

If there is no established Christian Skaters in your area, but you think there may be an opportunity to set one up, get in touch with the international office. They will be happy to discuss your area and how CS can help with taking the good news of Jesus to your local skateboarding.

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